Frequently asked questions
Q - What medium do you use?

A - I paint all my portraits of people in oil because I need the blending properties of the oil paint. However many of the animal paintings and all the rest of the work on my site is done in acrylic. I find I can get more detail into paintings with acrylic.

Q - What are the paintings painted on?

A - All of my portraits are painted on stretched canvas. A few of my animal paintings and Trompe L'Oeil paintings are painted on masonite.

Q - Do I need a special frame for stretched canvas?

A - No, there ARE special deep frames made for stretched canvases, however I send frame clips with your painting that makes it possible to put the portrait in any frame you select.

Q - What size are the portraits?

A - You may order your portrait on any size from 12" x 16" up to 24" x 36" The prices for these can be found here.

Q - What size are the pencil portraits?

A - I can make your pencil portraits from 8" x 10" up to 16" X 20" The price of a pencil portrait is $100 per face regardless of the size up to 12" x " 16. Beyond that email me for a quote or check details on the ordering page.

Q - Why do you charge more for extra individuals in the same portrait even though the size of the canvas is the same?

A - An extra individual is another portrait and requires as much work as the first one. I am not just covering canvas with paint, there is a lot of work involved in capturing an individual on canvas.

Q - Should I put glass over my painting?

A - No, never put glass over an oil or acrylic painting. My paintings are varnished so they may be wiped with a damp cloth to clean. You do need, however to put glass over a pencil drawing and a pencil drawing can also be matted.

Q - Are the paintings on your site for sale?

A - Many of the paintings were special commissions but several of them are for sale. Those available for sale are listed on the "available" page.

Q - May I make copies of the paintings on your site?

A - All original artwork on my site has been watermarked, however if I have painted the picture for you I will make available a copy that is not watermarked that you may copy.

Q - Should I send actual photos to you or can I send photos by email?

A - Both. I can sometimes work from a really good emailed picture but they often do not come across as clear as need be due to the resolution. It is usually best to have hard copy in hand.

Q - Do you send the photos back to me?

A - Yes, the photos are included with your portrait and if I forget them (which HAS happened) I will mail them under separate cover.

Q - How can I clean my portrait?

A - As stated above the portraits are varnished and may be dusted and when necessary wiped down with a damp cloth. Please frame your pencil portraits under glass to keep clean.

Q - Can you make a color portrait from a black and white photograph?

A - Yes. You supply the color of eyes, hair, clothing, a background color and any other coloring you desire.

Q - What kind of deposit do you require?

A - A $100 deposit is required with order regardless of the size of the painting.

Q - How do you ship?

A - I ship Priority mail, insured, with delivery confirmation. Larger canases like the 24" x 36" are shipped by UPS.

Q - Where do I send the photos and deposit?

A - My address is:

Margaret Bartlett
432 CR 645
Green Forest, AR   72638

Q - Do you ship overseas (from the USA)?

A - Yes and you will be billed actual postage on overseas shipping. I accept International Cheques or you may pay through PayPal.

Q - Can I have different clothing than what is in the photograph?

A - Yes, you can change the color or send a picture of the type clothing you would like.

Q - Can the portrait be painted in sepia?

A - Yes

Q - Can you use two different pictures and put them on the same canvas?

A - Yes if they are posed in such a way that they would look natural on the same canvas. i.e. if they are facing the same way or can be placed so they are facing each other.

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432 CR 645
Green Forest, AR   72638
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